Yanni Chalkias and Family. Yanni was born in Rodos, Greece. He came from a big family. Four brothers in the immediate family and he is the oldest. From eight years old, he helped his father in their spice business, where he worked after school.

The family came to America and immigrated to Cleveland in 1976. “When we arrived here, we thought all the buildings would look like New York, big and tall. That’s how we envisioned America. We worked in restaurants not for pay but to gain experience.

“I will instill in my daughter all the great things my parents instilled in me to live a very happy life. I love what I do and I tell my employees that the KING is each one of our customers which makes our restaurant thrive.” – Yanni Chalkias

Our father thought that living the good life is learning to work honest and hard, and that would get you along way. So that’s what we did, even from grade school, junior high and high school.” In 1983 Yanni moved to Columbus, with the family and worked at Fisherman’s Wharf, his Uncle’s restaurant, for several years.

In 1985, his father and uncles opened Nikki’s Deli on Morse Road. Which was the beginning of his learning the Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine. His father and mother had decided that they’re immediate family restaurant with some of the experience and knowledge.