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400 S Hamilton Rd Columbus, OH 43213, USA


This place never disappoints….always lots of meat and never over filled with lettuce to disguise not giving you enough meat….love it

Corey W., Columbus, Ohio

Top quality! Always perfect! I like too many selections to call any one of them my favorite. Thanks guys !!

Alex S., Columbus, Ohio

One of the best gyros in town and the greek fire feta dip is one of the best things I have ever tasted, period.

Dustin L., Columbus, Ohio

Yanni and his staff are always friendly and the food is always excellent!

Tracy F., Columbus, Ohio

Great Greek food. Yanni and company really take good care of you there. Try the lamb shank or chops dinner or my wife’s favorite chicken kabob dinner with Lemmon chicken soup

Omar M., Facebook

GREAT Greek Food, Great Staff and it is always wonderful to support such a passionate owner who cares about his community and his diners!

Courtney N., Facebook

I’ve tried other Greek restaurants around town and none come close to King Gyro. I’ve been a fan for years and I’m glad to see the expansion and growth. It’s well deserved because the food is simply delicious. LOVE the desserts especially the cappuccino baklava, tiramisu, and the honey nut cake.

Roshelle J., Facebook

This the BEST Greek restaurant ever. Order anything on the menu and I promise you will not be disappointed. Yani is the owner & he is a fantastic person. He welcomes you like family.

Cyndi P., Facebook

My favorite Greek restaurant! I will eat no other gyro. This place has seen me through three pregnancy. I still go about three times a month. If anything ever happens to king gyro I will never eat Greek again!

Torres R., Columbus, Ohio

I had never had a gyro before this, it was so good. Always craving one from here!

Kylee W., Ohio

Get the small gyro because the king can feed two! Save some $

Jenn S., Columbus, Ohio

Their hummus and pita are sooo good! try the pita grilled semi-crispy. YUM!!

BrittaIny D., Columbus, Ohio

The best gyro in Columbus.. Trust me

Ronald M., Columbus, OH

Some of the very best Greek food around! Authentic, genuine Greek food!

Esther K., Atlanta, GA

Try their baklava in a new way – a friend told me to ask for extra honey. Poor honey over the top so it gets the gooey layers like the bottom – it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, Columbus, Ohio

Five stars on the falafel & hummus app! Get it if you like falafel!!! My gosh! I want more right now and then some in an hour. The gyros are huge!!!! I got a mini gyro and my hubby got the king. I can eat a lot, especially it being the first thing I had eaten that day. The mini was quite filling, I had to force the last bite, seriously. I’m from Georgia and never get “king gyro” so I didn’t want to waste one bite! It was wonderful. Be aware that they do not put a tzatziki sauce on their gyros, I’m not sure what it is but it’s great. You can request tzatziki but I recommend going with their norm on this one. Everybody was soooo nice and the ambience is comforting and colorful! Just eat and talk and relax. Will always make this stop when in Columbus!

Hannah M., Brunswick, GA

Portions are huge! Bring your appetite and a to go container. Amazing food.

Gyro was out of this world. I ate every stinking bit and did not want any of it going to waste. The hummus and homemade pita bread was also amazing. Baklava was the perfect ending to this meal.

I sincerely wished there was a Greek restaurant like this where I lived because I’d go at least weekly. Then again, my waistline is probably thankful that it’s not!

Dolores K., Little Elm, TX

OH MY GOD!!!!! Best gyro place!!!! I tried King gyro which is #3 and it was fantastic. Don’t forget the finger baklava coupon after checking in with yelp. The baklava is also good for dessert!!! I will definitely visit this place again!

Sophie J., Columbus, OH

Boy, time just flies! It’s been almost two years since my last review. And the remodeling is finally done and looks great! I came over for supper last night and since I had a groupon, I could say, let the money be damned! So I started off with a bowl of vegetable/lentil soup which was just fabulous. Coarse enough so that you could still get the texture of the lentils and it was just plain delicious!

For my main course I had an order of lamb chops. They were so tender! And they were served over rice and came with a vegetable medley of brocoli, carrots and some other stuff.

I was too full for dessert, but but brought a couple of pieces of baclava home with me and I’m going to kill the 2nd piece right now.

Oh, and I got to see Yanni again! A great guy.

Paul F., Columbus, OH

If you love Greek food then this restaurant is a must try. There is not one negative thing I can say about King Gyro. The food and service is out of this world. The portions are incredibly generous. There is online ordering and a drive thru but you should take a chance to eat inside and see the beautiful mural. I became hooked after my first visit. A co-worker of mine did not get his food as quickly as the rest of us and the owner personally apologized and gave him a gift card for his troubles! I submitted a huge order using their online ordering system for a work luncheon and everything, I mean everything I ordered was there. The owner, Yanni, even sent me a letter thanking me for my order. I honestly love this restaurant and am so happy my co-workers brought me here. The falafel is the best and be sure to try the greek fries.

Rosalba D., Powell, OH

I was introduced to King Gyro by a Yelp meet-the-owner event in 2012. Meeting the owner, Yanni, and hearing his passion for the food he creates got me really excited to taste everything and I wasn’t disappointed!

After the event, I’ve ventured back time and again – with King Gyro quickly becoming my favorite Greek in town. The location is pretty easy to get to, being on Hamilton Road, and they recently replaced the parking lot – so parking isn’t an issue! After a couple of expansions, they have plenty of seating both inside or on the patio!

The staff is always super friendly. They do counter-service, rather than table service, but they bring your order out to your table. The staff is always helpful when you are trying to decide on what delicious meal to try and they always suggest whatever specials are being offered so you get the best deal for your dollars.

For food, I always get either the regular gyro or a gyro platter. I’ve bounced around the menu to try some different things, like the spicy chicken gyro, and have never been disappointed – but I always go back to a classic gyro!

But don’t forget the dessert! The variety of specialty baklavas is impressive and always delish! Whenever they have the strawberry cheesecake baklava, it’s a MUST.

OMG – now I’ve gone and made myself hungry. I’ve gotta get to King Gyro!

Keith M., Bexley, Columbus, OH

This is the best Greek food that I have ever eaten in my life…Will definitely be back with the family! If you want to branch out, I have a restaurant in Lancaster that I will sell you…you can be open in about 10 days…Right on East Main Street…Guaranteed, you would be the Best in Town!

Robin M., Facebook

Without a doubt, the best gyro. I have tried to find anyone who can match Yanni, from Mississippi to the state up north. No luck! Yanni tops them all.

Bob L., Baltimore, Ohio