Gyro Feta Pasta



Trojan War Combo


This is like the Trojan War! A mixture of sliced


Hercules Gyro Combo


9 oz of our fresh gyro meat, our Greek Village rice, gyro sauce, wrapped together with diced tomato, onion, banana pepper and shredded lettuce in our 8 inch chargrilled pita bread. Awesome!


Greek Chicken Feta Pasta


Imported pasta topped with our creamy cheesy basil sauce topped with parmesan and feta cheese. Flavor!!


Grecian Chicken


Pasta Bowls

Greek Style Pasta With Greek Meatballs



Papa’s Lamb Shanks

1-Piece $13.95
2-Piece $17.95

Bone-in Lamb Shank braised for 5-6 hours until they are fall off the bone ready, topped with our wine gravy, our Greek village rice and our roasted vegetables. Served with a choice of our homemade soup.