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Artemis - Goddess of the moon and the hunt

Artemis protected the hunters of the land, and had vengeful ways of punishing anyone of who showed her any kind of disrespect. On one account, Actateon- a hunter in his own respects was caught spying Artemis bathing naked in a pool. Upon her discovery of this, Artemis transformed Actaeon into a stag and sent his own fifty dogs on him, upon which he was torn to pieces.

Did you know? Artemis was honored at the temple of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Hermes - God of commerce and prophecy, messenger of the gods and bearer of dead souls.

With wings on his helmet and scepter in hand, his task was to deliver messages wherever Zeus deemed. He also had the job of taking dead souls on to Hades. Apart from all this, Hermes also helped Hercules and others in several ways.

Aphrodite - goddess of beauty and love

A favorite pastime of Aphrodite was to cause the gods to fall in love with mortal women - especially Zeus. Aphrodite's chariot was pulled by two doves, which were her favorite bird. She was particularly fond of roses
And myrtle.

Ares - god of war

Son of Zeus and Hera, Ares always is depicted as a fierce warlord, always dressed in armor and helm. He always found in places of war and combat. Because of this, he was patron of no city in particular, however was worshipped in Thebes.

He resided on Lemnos, but all places with volcanoes and fire were his. Among his wares were jewelry, scepters, thrones, Achilles' armor, and even golden robots. Though strong, his legs were lame and he lacked physical charisma. Even so, he is always in the company of beautiful women- the result of a pact he made with his mother when he confronted her about his casting from mount Olympus.

Hestia - goddess of family peace

Because she never married not bore any children, Hestia lives a serene life on Olympus and played little part in events, save for the world of ideas. The twelve-god of Mount Olympus

Zeus - Lord of the heaven and earth, father of gods and humans

Known for his keen sense of justice, Zeus gained the respect of all of the other gods. He was accepted as the lord and father of both gods and men. His role was providing a sense of balance and justice for both mankind and his fellow brethren. The thunderbolt- Zues' weapon of justification represents this.

Did you know? - A gold and ivory statue of Zeus was one if the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Hera - Goddess of wisdom

The spouse of Zeus, Hera was the patron of marriage and of the city Argos, where her following was especially .

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Authentic Greek Food

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